Eau de Perfum


Vetiver: Imagine, if you will, the scent rising from a steaming, age-old forest. Its winding roots – overgrown with moss – digging deep into and exposing black earth. Its drier edges charred by wildfire. This is TGC911 vetiver. It opens up with earth and smoke, and fades into a drydown of amber and wood.

Neroli: Prepared from flowers from the bitter orange tree, is multitudinous: A ray of white light – shooting through cut stone – bursts through the prism into a green bitterness, a fluttering blue floral, metallic citrus aroma, with hints of lilac camphor, black spice and sandy wood. A true hybrid that surprises endlessly.

Violet: Compounded alpha and beta ionones form the signature violet fragrance: Seductive, intoxicating – both honeyed and powdery. A green fraischeur, by dint of violet leaf absolute, helps break the commanding spell and makes for a harmonious whole – as it is presented in TGC913 violet.

Cedar: In an effort to encapsulate the whole of the tree’s domain, TGC908 cedar aspires to move beyond the mere scent of pencil shavings. This take, our reimagination, ranges from peppery berries and acerbic needles to a truly elegant resin, all of them acting jointly to a backdrop of warm, dry wood.

50 ml / 1.69 fl.oz


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