Cirque Colors

Nail Polish


Cirque Colors makes a range of polishes that are non-toxic, “10-free”, vegan, cruelty free, and handcrafted in Brooklyn, NYC.

24K Affair - gold foil holographic

Arabesque - Dusty orange cream

BAM - vibrant coral-pink

Berry Jelly - magenta purple jelly polish with a transparent finish

Blushing Queens - vivid raspberry pink

BonBon - hot pink jelly with dazzling iridescent flakes

Bowery - burnt orange creme

Carnegie - Dusty pale sage green creme

Carpe Diem - white creme

Central Park After Dark - khaki green

Chrome Rose - multichrome polish that shifts from magenta to gold to green

Citron Jelly - lemon yellow jelly polish with a shiny, transparent finish.

Crushed Ice - silver scatter holographic

Citrine - golden yellow with sparkling holo flakes

C.R.E.A.M. - neon lime creme

Deco - lavender grey creme

Electric Daisy - neon highlighter yellow creme

Empire State of Mind - oxblood red creme

Fandango - light coral pink with dazzling colour-shifting shimmer and delicate holographic sparkle

Fire Island - orange cream

Game Over - red neon creme 

Garden Party - sheer mint green shimmer

Get Ready Base Coat - base coat

Gossip - neon magenta pink creme 

Guilty Pleasure - neon purple crème 

Haze Jelly - sheer lavender-grey jelly polish with a shiny, transparent finish

Hedonist - neon yellow creme

High Line - light blue lavender 

High Society - limited edition neon green with copper shimmer and holographic sparkle

Hustle - chartreuse yellow creme

Jade Jelly - sheer seafoam green jelly polish with a shiny, transparent finish

Kaleidescope - multi-rainbow glitter

Kelly Jelly - grass green jelly polish with a shiny, transparent finish

Kushy - neon green crème 

Life on Mars? - multichrome polish that shifts from red to orange to copper to gold

Lime Jelly - bright lime green jelly

Looking Glass Top Coat - quick dry top coat

McKittrick - dark green creme

Memento Mori - black creme

Morningtide - sheer French blue jelly 

Munchies - neon cheddar yellow creme

Mystic Moonstone - sheer milky white w/ mystic blue shimmer holo sparkle

Narcisse - neon lavender purple creme

Navy Jelly - deep blue jelly polish with a super shiny transparent finish 

NSFW Jelly - black jelly

NYFW - ultramarine blue 

One-night Stand - deep neon indigo blue creme 

Palm Springs -cyan blue w/pink shimmer holo sparkle

Peridot - lime green jelly with sparkling holo flakes

Pony Up - deep chocolate brown linear holographic 

Pyro - neon red-orange crème 

Red Hook - brick red creme polish

Renegade - kelly green creme

Rockaway - dusty teal creme

Rothko Red - red oxblood colour changing thermal polish

Rouge Rockefeller - burgundy red creme

Rumor Mill - neon coral creme

Saffron Jelly - amber-orange jelly

Shopaholic - neon pink creme

Silver Lining - silver metallic flake nail polish topper

Singularity - multichrome polish that shifts from gold to green to pewter blue

Sky High - neon electric blue crème 

Socialite - neon pink-lilac creme

Space Cowboy - light beige linear holographic

Storm King - light blue grey creme

Strawberry Fields - bright red-pink

Sunset Cruise - light coral fuschia pink shimmer & delicate holo

Tequila Sunrise - thermal colour changing polish, red when cold, yellow when warm

Terroir - deep purple-taupe creme

Thirsty - neon mint green creme

Toadstool - fire red creme 

Trompe L’oeil - pastel citron green

Tumbleweed - avocado green creme

Voile - sheer terracotta pink

Velvetine - blue shimmer polish

Wall St - rich olive green creme

We Trippy - holographic top coat

Whitney - pink lilac creme

XOXO Jelly - hot pink jelly polish with a shiny, transparent finish

XX - glitter top coat


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